I’ve got Asbestosis, what should I do?

We are sorry this has happened to you, please see below some information that may help.

I’ve been told I have asbestosis. What should I do?

If you are diagnosed with asbestosis it is important to act and seek legal advice – even if you have no asbestos related symptoms. We strongly recommend that you speak with us straight away. By taking legal advice soon after your diagnosis – even if the symptoms do not seem too bad at that time – you can opt for a provisional damages settlement. This is a settlement now which still allows you to return in the future for further compensation should you suffer a more serious asbestos illness, or should there be a significant deterioration in your current condition. We can investigate your eligibility for important government benefits available to people who have an asbestos illness. With the right advice and support there is no reason why you can’t take control and continue to live a remarkable life. Of course, a lung condition is a worry, but the important thing is to ask for help from people who understand what you’re going through.


Are there time limits for making a claim?

Generally the time limit for bringing court proceedings is within 3 years from when the asbestos related condition was first diagnosed. Claims outside of this time limit may still be awarded under the discretion of the courts if there is a good reason for the delay. It is therefore vital that you pursue your legal rights when you are told you have asbestosis. If you don’t act you may be out of time for claiming compensation if your illness gets worse, or you develop a more serious illness.

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